New album "djavulstoner" out now 

The new album from Mara, "Djävulstoner", is available on all major streaming platforms and on CD!  Listen to Djävulstoner here!

"Mara give us a unique take on groove metal that draws influence from thrash, doom, heavy metal and melodic death metal. The result is a catchy, yet diverse album that entertains from start to finish. Vocally speaking we have numerous styles on the album, the primary of which reminds me greatly of Dave Brockie. From catchy thrash driven riffs and hooks to cleaner, more emotional heavy metal parts -some even featuring acoustic segments, the album presents us with a truly enjoyable spread."

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Changes in the line-up

Anton has recently decided to leave the band to focus his energy and creativity elsewhere. We are of course sad about this but we support his will of following his heart and we part as friends. We would like to extend our gratitude to Anton for his contribution over the years building Mara to where we are today.
At the same time we are proud to welcome our new lead guitarist and friend Gunnar Hård af Segerstad, as new member of the band. He has, within a very short period of time, proven to be a valueable addition to the band with his skills and proffesional approach. Gunnar have earlier played with bands such as Jaggernaut, Chugger, Disdain and Solaris. Welcome to the Mara family!


Lagret Rock Festival

Free online event, link

M/S Götapetter  SOLD OUT!

Göteborg, SWE

Halloween Metal Night
Göteborg, SWE

Klubb Fredagsmangel

Stockholm, SWE

Under a Bleeding Moon

Live from Lagret Rock Festival 2021, Göteborg, SWE

Blessed shores

Listen to Blessed Shores here
Blessed Shores is the second single from the album Djävulstoner!

born to die 

Listen to Born to Die here

Born to Die is the first single from the album Djävulstoner.

Check out the awesome review from Belgian Metal Shredder

"If you enjoy death metal with mystery, dread and plenty of subtlety hard-hitting beats, then you can’t go wrong with this!"

Get ready for the new album "Djävulstoner" by listening to our live-EP "Mara - Live at Sticky Fingers" below!

Oscars Rock Bar
Live at Oscars Rock Bar, Varberg, 2019
Sticky fingers

Live at Sticky Fingers, Top-floor, Göteborg, 2019

Sticky fingers

Live at Sticky Fingers, Club stage, Göteborg, 2017

Oscars Rock Bar
Live at Oscars Rock Bar, Varberg, 2019